I analyzed the top 10 Crypto Wallets. Here are the insights & takeaways.

9 min readApr 18, 2022

The top crypto wallets know what they’re doing.

You can make a lot of money & become a better trader by understanding what they’re doing. Using Debank & Etherscan, I observed what they’re doing & recorded my takeaways.

This article provides an overview of what every single one of the top 10 wallets according to Debank is doing. At the end of the overview of each, are my key takeaways and insights.

At the end of this article, I provided the key takeaways & trends across all the wallets, including the plays, NFTs, tokens & other holdings they’ve in common.

If you want to directly look at the common trends & holdings, skip to the end.

Let’s dive into it:

#10 SoldmanGachs

Portfolio size: $1.69M

NFT portfolio: $1.8M

Chain breakdown:

  • $1.1M on Arbitrum (65%)
  • $550k on ETH (33%)
  • $23k on BSC (1%)
  • $11k on Polygon (1%)

Wallet Holdings:

  • ALI
  • ETH
  • RVF
  • BANK
  • DEXT

Protocol deposits:

  1. TreasureDAO — 1M
  • MAGIC staked

2. Rari — 340k

  • Lending ETH & gOHM
  • Borrowing DAI & FRAX

3. Magic Dragon DAO — 57k

  • Staking MAGIC

4. LooksRare — 23k

  • yield on Looks

NFTs: $1.8M

  • Cryptopunks
  • Art blocks
  • Mooncats
  • Cryptotoads
  • Superlative secret society
  • & more

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